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Massage & Waxing

Booking Terms & Conditions:

Cancelation Policy:

I will of course work with you as much as possible if you need to reschedule or cancel your session, however late reschedules and cancellations are costly to me and can prevent other customers from getting an appointment, therefore some charges do apply for certain reschedules & cancellations. 

Late arrivals at the treatment room of 15 minutes or more may result in cancellation of your booking with no refund or a reduction of your session time at your cost. No refunds are given should you not attend your appointment on the day.

Should you not attend your appointment without any contact or you contact me last minute (within 90 minutes of your booking time),  future bookings will only be accepted online when full payment is made during the booking process.  

Should you re-book online without full payment your appointment may be declined / cancelled.

Cancellation Fees.

Cancellations  when 24 hours notice provided -   Full Refund 

Cancellations when less than 24 hours notice is provided - No Refund

If your cancelled time slot is re booked by another client you may receive a full refund.

I cannot accept any responsibility for losses or costs incurred for a cancellation of your booking.

If rescheduling due to illness, please ensure you are symptom free for 48 hours before making a new booking.

If I have to cancel your appointment you will receive a full refund. Members will also receive a £10* reward point voucher.

(*when less then 24 hours notice is given).

I reserve the right to immediately cease any session without refund should client conduct become inappropriate.

Please allow up to 10 working days for refund bank processing.

Your Current Health & Well Being:

If you are feeling unwell, currently on any medication, had any surgery in the last year or ever had any cancers, strokes, diabetes, hypertension please seek medical advice prior to booking.

Online Booking:

Online booking required for all new clients.

Payment Links hold your appointment for 60 minutes, after that it is released back into the system for others to book.

Please contact me to check your slot is still available before paying if 60 mins has elapsed. 


Deposit is 50% of total booking cost.

Vouchers, Coupons & Discounts:

Only one discount code / voucher can be applied for each transaction.

Vouchers, coupons and discounts have no cash value and are not transferable.

Incorrect use of promotional offers / vouchers / discounts may result in your appointment being cancelled.

Monthly Plans:

Monthly Plans are designed to be a flexible way to book regular sessions at a favourable price.

Bookings are made by you online each month.

You manage your plan, I am unable to remind customers to book.

If you are unable to find a suitable slot, please let me know.

You can book in advance by selecting "use plan later or pay on day" payment options.

You can manage / reschedule your booking online.

No shows are non refundable & non transferable.

You will not be credited / refunded for any missed sessions.

The standard 15 minute wait time applies.

Payment is by direct debit only.

You can cancel your plan at anytime.

If cancelled early, no refunds are given.

If cancelled early, no accrued sessions are valid.

If cancelled early a 3 month wait time is required before buying a new plan.

Accrued / unused sessions must be taken within 30 days of plan expiring.

Plan members have access to treatment from 8am.

Plan members enjoy 15% discount on MMM Retail.

Plan members have access to free Leg Compression treatments, select the + option when booking.

No price rises guaranteed during your plan.

MMM Office / Parking:

My office is set in a commercial building.

Onsite parking available, please let me know if you require parking access.

Please do not park in bays 1-16.

MMM Birmingham / Building Management accept no responsibility for vehicles / personal property whilst on site.

Competitions / Social Content:

If you enter any MMM Birmingham competition either online or on social media, you agree that winning decisions are final.

I may need to announce winners - where this is the case your first name and town / city may be made public.

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