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What session will benefit you most?

Sports Massage:
Usually of a deeper, firmer nature, involves some stretching, muscle manipulation and are generally more tactile than regular massage as therapists full body weight is used to apply pressure. Sports / Deep tissue sessions are great for people with active lifestyles, have chronic fatigue, require targeting of specific areas, sports recovery or people who just enjoy a deeper more challenging session. Whilst sports massages are more physical in nature,  care is taken to ensure the overall well - being benefits of massage are also maintained.

Sports Massage Treatments:

L E G  D A Y  C O M P R E S S I O N  
30 Mins  
Add On To Any Massage £5

Powerful compression therapy that promotes faster recovery and improved circulation.
State of the art air technology up to 120 mmHg, feet to thigh treatment.

I N T E N S E   S P O R T  
60 Mins = £65
MMM Members Price = £55

Technique: Sports / Deep Tissue
T H E    F U L L    9 0
90 Mins = £75
Technique: Sports / Deep Tissue

U L T I M A T E   R E C H A R G E
120 Mins = £85
Technique: Sports / Deep Tissue / Thai - Assisted Stretching.

Relaxing Massage:

A much more sedate, indulgent experience where overall well being is the focus. Techniques are much more gentle and performed at a slower tranquil pace. Using an array of premium oils and calming scents these full body sessions are ideal for people wishing to just switch off both mentally and physically.
The Sleeper because you will feel totally restored.

Relaxing Massage Treatments:

T H E  S L E E P E R
60 Mins = £65
90 Mins = £75
120 Mins = £85

Technique: Gentle / Relaxing 

T H E  C I T Y  B R E A K
2.5 Hrs = £100
Indulgent two hour Sleeper massage.
Sonic exfoliating deep cleanse facial
followed by an hydrating collagen mask 
calms and restores tired skin.


Combination Massage:

The best of both treatments!
Blended combination massage.

C O M B I N A T I O N  S P O R T
90 Mins £75
120 Mins £85

Technique: Sports / Deep Tissue / Thai - Assisted Stretching / Relaxing / Mood Enhancing

If you need any help of advice selecting your massage just get in touch!

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