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S P O R T S  M A S S A G E

L E G  D A Y  C O M P R E S S I O N  
30 Mins = £10
Powerful compression therapy that promotes faster recovery and improved circulation.
State of the art air technology up to 120 mmHg, feet to thigh treatment.
Can be booked be
fore "hands on" massage or as an individual treatment.

I N T E N S E   S P O R T  
60 Mins = £50
An intense sports massage.
Using  massage gels and waxes on major muscle groups including
shoulders, back, glutes, legs and arms this session is designed for
those who participate in sport or physical activity, have active lifestyles
or are looking for a more corrective treatment. 
Technique: Sports / Deep Tissue
T H E    F U L L    9 0
90 Mins = £70
Elevate the hour - all the benefits of the 60 minute massage,
with an extended session to address specific areas longer.
This full body massage includes elements of
hot stone therapy to ease neck and back fatigue.
A relaxing eye mask and calming head massage perfectly
compliment this session allowing some switch off time. 
Technique: Sports / Deep Tissue

U L T I M A T E   R E C H A R G E
120 Mins = £80
This full body detailed massage allows longer focus
on typically troublesome areas - shoulders, lower back,
hips, glutes and legs all benefit from the additional focus.
Ultimate Recharge involves multiple
assisted stretching, joint rotation,
and prolonged deeper techniques - the therapists own body weight
used for compression impact making this session more tactile.
Ideal for those that prefer a more physically intense treatment. 

Technique: Sports / Deep Tissue / Thai - Assisted Stretching.


U L T I M A T E   R E C H A R G E +
150 Mins = £85
Combine traditional sports therapy of the Ultimate Recharge with
state of the art compression therapy for a fully comprehensive treatment.
Technique: Sports / Deep Tissue / Thai - Assisted Stretching


R E L A X I N G  M A S S A G E 

T H E  S L E E P E R
90 Mins = £70  I 120 Mins = £80
Supremely  indulgent treatments that will have you escaping to your calm place.

Sleeper sessions are designed to pause any stress and ease the mind.  
Generally more sedate and slower then that of

sports or deep tissue massage and help the whole body unwind at a
more gentle relaxing pace.
The Sleeper is a full body session complete with

relaxing head massage.
Technique: Gentle / Relaxing 


T H E  C I T Y  B R E A K
2.5 Hrs = £95
Indulgent two hour Sleeper massage.
Then just relax and enjoy our signature Collagen Lift facial.
Starting with a hot cloth deep cleansing facial to exfoliate and banish tired skin
and reveal a smoother complexion. A collagen mask to restore and improve the appearance,
firmness and condition of the face. A relaxing eye mask is applied
while a gentle head and neck massage will ease you into a calm escape.

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