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Waxing, so how much ouch?

There is no doubt waxing can be uncomfortable but
it does offer many benefits over other treatments including:

Finer regrowth, exfoliation properties, reducing
ingrown hairs and staying smoother for longer.
More economical than IPL with none of the
harsh chemicals that can be found in some
depilatory creams. Also regular waxing does
reduce the ouch factor.

I only ever use industry leading brands like Ashmira Botanica &
Cirepil that work at lower temperatures allowing
for more comfortable treatments.

I only offer waxing for men, products used are 
designed for male hair growth, be it strip or
hard waxing you can be confident of smooth  results.

During your treatment your skin will be prepped ready
for wax application and cooling moisturisers applied
after your session to calm and protect your skin.

All waxing customers are supplied
with aftercare
samples to help keep skin comfortable .

I don't use speed waxing techniques, 
care and time is taken to consider hair growth,
direction, thickness and how skin is responding
during treatments.


New Customer Offer! Receive 50% off your 1st massage when you book any waxing session.

Arms £30 I Back £25 I Chest & Stomach £30 I Legs £40 I Glutes  £25
Clear, simple and competitive pricing means no additional costs during your session


For waxing to be effective, hair length should be around 1/4 inch long,
Patch test may be required - there should be a 48 hour gap between any waxing & massage treatments or any exposure to heat sources.
Contra-indications conditions for waxing include, Diabetes, Body Acne, Recent Tattoos, Varicose Veins, Anti-Biotic Courses, Cancer Treatment,
Chemotherapy, Radiation Treatments, Sunbed Usage / Sunburn.


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