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Please Read Below Prior To booking.

You must be over 18 years of age and feeling physically well to receive treatment. 

Having treatment when you are feeling unwell (cold / high temperature / infection for example) is not                  advisable and can actually make you feel worse in the short term. 

If you have had any of the following conditions or history of, these are common contra-indications
for both massage and waxing, please contact me prior to booking. 

Cancers -Tumours - Undiagnosed Lumps - Undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy -
Stroke History  - Liver or Kidney Conditions  - Epilepsy - Inflammation -  Ulcers - Colitis - Crohn's Disease -
Heart Disease - Blood Clots - Infections  - Fevers - Contagious Diseases - IBS - Hypertension - DVT - Body Acne - Skin Conditions - Varicose Veins - Skeletal or Muscular Issues.

Covid 19.
If you have recently had Covid 19, please only book when you have been negative for at least 28 days.

For massages a 4 week wait is required between having a tattoo and treatment, for waxing a 6                            week wait is required. For both massage and waxing skin must be completely healed before booking.

Usually massage is fine for people with Diabetes, however massage can lower blood sugar levels so consider bringing a snack or eating a small meal prior to your appointment, please also confirm suitability with your GP.
Unfortunately waxing is not advisable for people with Diabetes.

Pregnancy & After Giving Birth.

Unfortunately I am unable to offer massage to expectant or recent mothers.

After Care:
After care advice link is sent by text or WhatsApp, please read this information as it will help you get the              best results from your session. 

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