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Sports Therapy & Bodywork

Professionalism, excellent treatments, premium products and a very warm welcome await you.

Conveniently situated on Hagley Road Edgbaston Birmingham.

Minutes from the city centre & outside of the congestion zone.

Corporate & Hotel services also available*

*Subject to location & availability additional charges apply

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Treatment Room




Benefits Of Sports Therapy:

Improve circulation and lymphatic flow

Assist in the removal of metabolic waste

Assists in muscle recovery

Excellent pre / post activity treatment

Sedate or stimulate nerve endings

Increase or decrease muscle tone

Increase or decrease muscle length

Remodel scar tissue when required

Full Body or Targeted Area Treatments


S P O R T S  M A S S A G E S

I N T E N S E   S P O R T  

60 Mins = £50

The Hour

An intense sports massage targeting specific

issues or fatigue. Using warming balms and waxes

along with oil to help speed up muscle response during the

session. Focus on major muscle groups including shoulders, back, glutes, legs and arms this session is designed for those who participate in sport or physical activity, have active lifestyles

or are looking for a more corrective treatment. 

Treatment Room Session

Technique: Sports / Very Deep Pressure

T H E    F U L L    9 0

90 Mins = £70

Elevate The Hour

Why not enjoy all the benefits of the 60 minute massage,

with an extended session to address specific areas longer.

This full body massage includes elements of

hot stone therapy to ease neck and back fatigue.

A relaxing eye mask and calming head massage perfectly

compliment this session allowing some switch off time. 

Treatment Room or Corporate Session

Technique: Medium / Firm Pressure.

U L T I M A T E   R E C H A R G E

120 Mins = £80

The Bodyworks

This full body targeted deep tissue massage allows

longer focus on shoulders, arms, back, hips, glutes, thighs,

quads, calves & pectoral muscles. A much deeper session

ideal for active clients or those that prefer more impact from

massage. This tactile session involves leaning and stretching 

techniques and uses the therapists body weight for

maximum pressure throughout. 

Treatment Room or Corporate Session

Technique: V Deep / Sports / Thai.

T H E R A P U T I C   M A S S A G E S

T H E  S L E E P E R

60 Mins = £50

90 Mins = £70

Calm & Restore 

Take a much needed stress break and help

banish daily fatigue with this comforting treatment.

Focus on your overall well being this full body treatment cocoons you with calming oils designed to pause & restore.

Treatment Room Session

Technique: Medium Pressure 

S C R U B   n  D E E P  R U B

90 Mins = £100

Skin Deep 

Cocoon your body in invigorating eucalyptus & lime

body scrub. Gently exfoliating skin and helping to

slough away dead skin cells.

Encouraging better circulation and  revealing a smoother,

brighter, healthier skin tone.

After a shower you will be treated to a full body massage.

A facial cleanse and hydrate completes this popular treatment.

Corporate Only Session / Partially Undraped.

Technique: Firm - Deep Pressure.




C O R P O R A T E  S E S S I O N

Looking for a hotel or corporate visit.

Let me know your requirements and location.

 I will be in touch to discuss.

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Benefits Of Body Scrubs
Eucalyptus & Lime Body Scrub
Gently removes dead skin cells and toxins revealing conditioned,  healthier, smoother skin.
Cocooning your whole body this treatment Is great before any sun exposure and   
prolonging a tan after exposure.

Known for helping to reduce ingrown hairs.  
It's also an excellent skin prep for massage.



Bespoke Services Available


Always Premium Products

Male Grooming 
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A full male waxing and grooming service available.

Treatment Room Session

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Cash, cards, bank transfer, android and apple pay accepted.

Secure online booking. 

Monthly plans available.

Opening Hours
8am - 8pm
By Appointment 

Tel: 07383562775


Your personal details are never used for any marketing purposes.
You will only ever be contacted in response to your current enquiry / booking.

Withheld calls are not answered.

Qualification Detail

Sports Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
Therapeutic Massage 
Hot Stone Therapy
Male Grooming & Skincare 
Male Waxing 
GTI Infection Control
GTI Standards Accredited

Clinical & Service Detail

Fully Insured
Clear Enhanced DBS
Fully Covid Vaccinated (Inc Booster) 

Friendly / Customer Focused
Professional Service

Over 15 Years Industry Experience
Large Client Base 

+80% Rebook Ratio
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Recent Customer Feedback

"I feel like my shoulders are now where they should be"
Anthony W

"That was amazing"
David N

Asif  A

"You really put me at my ease and the massage was fantastic"
Ann W

"Slept for 8 straight hours after my massage - Just what I needed!""
Will W

"Good to find a genuine person who puts customers first"
Rob A

"You will definitely be getting another booking"
Alison W

"Far exceeded my expectations, not just the massage which was fantastic,
but the overall professionalism and care - so thorough, Thank you"
Justin C

"Great massage and the products used are so fab"
Chloe  W

"Felt like I have just had a holiday, totally relaxed"
Adam R




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