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Body Trimming

Looking for a hair removal without waxing?
Trimming could be perfect for you, not as smooth 
as waxing but great for a close, tidy look.

Back I £20
Back I Chest I Abs I £35
Back I Glutes I £35
Back I Chest I Abs I Glutes I £50
Chest I Abs I £20
Wet Shave (sack & shaft) I £30


Face Recharge

Healthy, good looking skin starts with effective cleansing. The best skin care brands in the industry can not perform at peak if the cleansing routine is wanting. My facials begin with a sonic cleanse, delivering ultrasonic waves to gently dislodge dirt and debris. Leaving your skin ready to be nourished with a firming mask, essential SPF to protect from environmental aggression followed by a skin conditioning collagen massage treatment.

Using premium brands that compliment your skin type including:
Elemis I L'Occitane I Murad
Molton Brown I SBC.

Face Recharge £40
Member Price   £20

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